Jennifer Lettau approaches her clients with "unconditional positive regard", (Carl Rogers). She believes healing takes place with empathic support. She maintains that no matter what you have done in your life, and no matter what you believe about yourself, you deserve a rewarding and fulfilling life. Her utmost commitment to the discipline of psychotherapy is obvious, as most clients experience results within a short time frame.

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Adult Education, a certificate in NLP and is completing her Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling (upgrading from a Post Graduate Diploma) attained at the Jansen Newman Institute. She brings her major life experiences and artistic expression to her practice. Her own journey and commitment to counselling and psychotherapy is extensive and thorough, and she now brings that wide breadth of experience to her practice.

Modalities used are a blend of CBT, mindfulness and somatic therapies. She draws strongly from psychodynamic theories as she believes the ideas formed in childhood are typically not valid by adult life.

She does not believe in giving home work and setting tasks, however if this is requested by the client then she draws on her background in training and development and life coaching to assist.

She is available for a 10 minute phone consultation on: 0425 299 409.

** Insured Health Professional