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Scientists claim we use only 2% of our brains. So what is the other 98% doing? May I suggest, just about everything! .  This part of our mind, often refferd to as the subconcious, is literally running the show of our life. Simply put, our subconscious holds the key to all our personal power. All our patterns play out instanteously here, our hidden beliefs about life, about ourselves and others are acted out without our awareness.

Through use of psychoeducation, music, communication exercises and role-plays, our unknown behaviour and beliefs are bought out into the light and into present awareness. Expect to have fun and feel a sense of expansion and abundance!

Workshops are currently being held at the Living Room, Carr Street, Coogee in a beautiful environment which overlooks the water.

Move beyond limitations, remove shutdowns and embrace a deeper level of living and meaning.